Regions are zones within the lands of Middle-earth. Currently the two accessible lands in Lord of the Rings Online are Eriador and the wilderness of Rhovanion. Regions are marked in large text on the maps of Eriador and Rhovanion. Each region has its own dedicated map showing the areas, settlements and landmarks within its borders.


Eriador is a land in the far north-west of Middle-earth. This land is contains many regions, listed below. Eriador spans from the Blue Mountains int he west (Ered Luin in Sindarin), to the Misty Mountains in the east; from Forochel in the north to Dunland in the south.

A new character begins their adventure in one of the various starter areas within Eriador before merging and continuing in Bree.

Eriador Regions


Rhovanion is a wide region of north-east Middle-earth lying between the Misty Mountains in the west and Rhun in the east.

Rhovanion Regions

For more information on these areas please visit the Lorebook.