You choose your character from four races and nine classes, inspired by famous characters from the books such as Bilbo Baggins, Gimli, Elrond and others.

Class is a fundamental choice of a player character for Lord of the Rings Online which determines your skills and abilities throughout your adventuring career, and also profoundly affects your stats, deeds, and the equipment available to you. Choosing a class can be constrained by the choice of race.

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Gameplay: Burglars are masters of debuffing; skills that cause foes to deal less damage or be easier to kill. They utilize their Trick skills to debuff foes and can later remove the Tricks for additional benefits. Burglars also have Stealth skills and are proficient at initiating Fellowship Manoeuvers. In fellowships, a Burglar supports his allies by debuffing foes, while dealing respectable damage.

Lore: Burglars are masters of stealth and misdirection. They rely on sleight-of-hand and startling attacks that allow their companions to overwhelm adversaries.

Available Races: Hobbit, Man

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Gameplay: Captains are armoured melee fighters and masters of buffing; skills that enhance allies. They may summon a Herald companion to fight by their side, ensuring they always have an ally to buff. They can also Mark foes, giving benefits to all who attack them. In fellowships, a Captain supports his allies with healing and buffs, while still dealing respectable damage.

Lore: The Captains of Middle-earth hold the future in their hands. By their own strength of arms and the inspiration they instill in others, they must lead the Free Peoples to victory.

Available Races: Man

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Gameplay: Champions wade into battle swinging their weapons in all directions, dealing significant damage to many foes at once. With each strike their Fervour grows, allowing them to use even more potent skills. Special stances may be used to greatly increase damage dealt at the cost of defence or enhance defence at the cost of damage. In fellowships, a Champion concentrates on engaging as many foes as possible.

Lore: Unrelenting in battle, Champions are the consummate warriors. A Champion cares not for his own well-being, but relies on his strength and prowess to slay the Enemy before they can bring more destruction to Middle Earth.

Available Races: Dwarf, Elf, Man

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Gameplay: Guardians wear heavy armour and have many defensive skills that allow him to survive battles against the most fearsome foes. Guardians also have skills that draw foes' attention away from their allies and to themselves. In fellowships, a Guardian forces enemies to attack himself, so his more fragile allies will not be harmed by the foes.

Lore: The Guardians are the stout protectors of the weak and defenders of those in need, loyal companions to the end. True Guardians stand to the forefront of battle, shielding their allies from enemy assaults.

Available Races: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Man

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Gameplay: Hunters are proficient at dealing significant damage to a single foe at long range. Their basic bow skills generate Focus points, allowing them to use even more potent skills. If a foe manages to close into melee, the Hunter's dual-wielded weapons are capable of dealing the final blow. In fellowships, a Hunter concentrates on quickly killing foes one at a time.

Lore: Hunters are masters of field and forest, unmatched in their dexterity with the bow. They use their survival skills to guide companions and lay traps for enemies. The coming of the Enemy has forced them to adapt these skills to use against new prey.

Available Races: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Man

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Gameplay: Lore-masters are the masters of crowd-control, skills that trap foes and keep them from fighting. They may call on animal companions to fight by their side and even call on elemental forces to damage their foes. In fellowships, a Lore-master concentrates on supporting his allies, primarily by hindering the foe's ability to deal damage.

Lore: Lore-masters are seekers of knowledge and the guardians of wisdom. Through study of bygone Ages, they learn ancient secrets that allow them to hinder foes, as well as protect against the dark powers of the Enemy. They have many skills that invoke the natural world of Middle-earth, but it is draining on the will, thus costing them Morale to fuel some of these powerful skills.

Available Races: Elf, Man

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Gameplay: Minstrels are known for their healing abilities and are capable of dealing respectable damage with War-speech. They have a variety of support skills and special Ballads. Using a Ballad unlocks more potent Ballads, which culminate with powerful Anthems. In fellowships, a Minstrel keeps his allies healed and supported.

Lore: Middle-earth is a land deeply infused with music, and true Minstrels are skilled at tapping into that power. They weave songs and tales so stirring that their companions' morale will not fail, and they will be driven to perform greater feats of prowess. They can even utter words of true power and ward against the forces of darkness with their Anthems.

Available Races: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Man

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Gameplay: Rune-keepers must choose during each battle to focus on damaging skills or healing skills. Either choice will shift their Attunement, unlocking more potent skills, but restricting access to others. In addition, they have support skills that may always be used. In fellowships, a Rune-keeper keeps allies healed or deals significant damage to the foes.

Lore: Rune-keepers are gifted linguists and masters of true names. With this knowledge, a Rune-keeper crafts powerful rune-words that help the Free Peoples. Through unparalleled mastery of Angerthas and Tengwar runes, a Rune-keeper evokes much more than a normal scribe. Dagor runes deal with battle, Nestad with healing, and Thalas with support.

Available Races: Dwarf, Elf

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Gameplay: Wardens are mobile melee combatants who use Javelins for initiating combat and against ranged foes. Their unique Warden Shields and a variety of defensive skills allow them to stay in the fight longer then most. Basic Warden skills build up their Gambit chain, which can be spent to unleash special Gambit skills. In fellowships, a Warden forces enemies to attack himself, so his more fragile allies will not be harmed by the foes.

Lore: The Warden patrols the borders of civilized lands, preventing the encroachment of fell creatures from the Wild. They limit themselves to medium armour so that they can travel swiftly and silently to defend those they protect from threats. Wardens all have some military training and have mastered a style of combat that uses combinations of basic attacks to create masterful Gambits.

Available Races: Elf, Hobbit, Man

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