About Marcus Fenix

The star protagonist of the Gears of War series. Marcus Fenix leads Delta Squad, an elite team of human soldiers against the murderous, subterranean forces of the Locust Horde. A promising soldier during the Pendulum Wars, Marcus saw everything change on Emergence Day. Marcus bravely fought the Locust for ten years, when, during an intense battle, he abandoned his post to rescue his father, Professor Adam Fenix. Marcus had arrived too late to save his father and Adam Fenix perished. Following this, Marcus was tried for dereliction of duty and sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, though was only Incarcerated for four years because of the Locust Emergence. After E-day Hoffman ordered the prisons be evacuated, releasing everyone except Marcus, who he left to die. Marcus was eventually freed by his friend Dom Santiago to fight the Locust again, and was quickly re-promoted to Sergeant. This is where the first Gears of War game begins. Along with the rest of Delta Squad, Fenix won a battle for humanity by detonating the Lightmass bomb and destroying much of the Locust Hollow. With his reputation restored, Marcus now focuses on finishing the war against the Locust, and helping his friend Dom on his own personal mission.

Marcus Fenix is the son of Adam Fenix and Elaine Fenix. Adam Fenix was an engineer teacher at Jacinto University, Elaine a scientist. Marcus grew up in an upper class family with private tutor, but at the age of 11 he was moved by his father to a public school so he could "mix with people". It was at school he made friends with Carlos Santiago, who later introduced Marcus to his brother Dom. Marcus and Carlos became best friends. Marcus choose to spend more time with the Santiago family instead of at home in his gloomy mansion with his father. While Marcus was still at an early age, his mother was reported missing. Later in life he and his father were exploring caverns below Sera and apparently found the remains of Elaine Fenix. Age 18, Marcus and Carlos both enlist into the COG army to fight in the Pendulum Wars - a war over the resource Immulsion. Dom joined the army at age 17, choosing to enlist as a Commando instead of a regular grunt. Marcus quickly distinguished himself as an excellent soldier and genuine badass and was consequently promoted to Corporal. When he first became a soldier he began wearing his signature do-rag, vowing not to take it off until the war ended. At the battle of Aspho Fields, Marcus earned an Embry Star for bravery, the highest honor to be bestowed upon a Gear in the COG army. He buried his Embry Star at the grave of his best friend Carlos, who died in the battle.

Aspho Fields

The battle of Aspho Fields was a COG operation to steal technology which would later become the Hammer Of Dawn laser attack system. The regular troops were dropped off at Aspho Fields to protect Dom's commando unit, led by Major Hoffman, while they assaulted the facility. Marcus was led by Lt Stroud, Mother of Anya Stroud, and fought alongside other gears such as Tai Kaliso and Bernie Mataki. Lt Stroud was killed when she heroically attempted a solo assault on an enemy armored vehicle. During the battle of Aspho Fields, Carlos disobeyed orders from Sgt. Mataki and led a futile defense against enemy forces crossing a bridge, resulting in his own death. Marcus, because of his failed rescue attempt of Carlos, feels guilt over the death of his friend and promises to himself never to let any harm come to Dom.

Marcus and Anya Stroud, a COG radio operator, are known to have a relationship together, but intimate details remain limited.

Gears of War
In the Gears of War game, players are first introduced to Marcus Fenix as a prison inmate, serving time for abandoning his post during a battle against the Locust to engage in a futile attempt to save his father. A veteran of the military and hero of the human Pendulum Wars, Fenix was nonetheless convicted for his actions and sentenced to a lengthy time in a prison that ultimately comes under attack by the Locust and is abandoned. Players take control of Marcus after his friend, Dominic Santiago, breaches the prison and frees him. The two set out on an effort to destroy the Locust forces once and for all. They join Delta Company and are immediately sent on a mission to recover a Resonator - being guarded by Alpha company. Once Delta and Alpha join forces Marcus is introduced to Cole and Baird, and they unite to form the most powerful team in the galaxy: Delta Squad. At this point in the game Marcus has his rank of Sergeant reinstated. He then leads the squad through a pumping station deep underground where they launch the resonator and map the Locust tunnels. However, they discover that the tunnels are much larger than they had anticipated and are forced to find new information which was being held by Adam Fenix at the Fenix Mansion in Jacinto. Having found the data, Marcus and Dom have to launch a Lightmass bomb into the Locust tunnels by driving a train off a cliff killing all the Locust in the world. This signifies the end of the first Gears of War game which is after the defeat of General RAAM.

Gears of War 2
In Gears of War 2, Marcus and Delta Squad return, the Lightmass bomb having failed to wipe out Locust forces. Marcus leads Delta in an assault on the locust citadel in an attempt to end the war once and for all, and in a desperate attempt to destroy the Locust Queen. It is Marcus Fenix who destroys the giant worm which is sinking entire cities. During the second game, Marcus also helps Dom complete a series of missions where Dom searches for his wife Maria. Deep in the hollow, Delta Squad recovers information that could help defeat the locust horde once and for all! They must sink Jacinto, humanity's last stronghold, to fill the hollow with polluted sea water. Delta then encounter the Locust Queen who is revealed to have connections with Marcus' father. With Baird and Cole chasing the Locust Queen, Marcus and Dom are left to fight off Skorge who later escapes on a deadly Hydra. Upon returning to Jacinto, Delta is forced to hold off a large Locust counter-assault then return underground to give Jacinto its final push flooding the Hollow and killing the majority of the locust population. Fenix is last seen riding in a raven helicopter staring back as though he were reflecting on the game as Anya Stroud signs to him with Jacinto collapsing in the background.

Gears of War 3
The game begins with Marcus in his room on Raven's Nest, na old aircraft carrier being used as a base for his unit. He departs from his room and travels to the Garden area of the ship where Dom is located. Both of them are suddenly summoned to the deck, where they find Jace Stratton and Anya Stroud waiting for them. The carrier is then attacked by the Lambent and the team returns fire. During a moment of peace, Chairman Prescott arrives on a King Raven and rushes down to speak with the Raven's Nest commander, but before doing so, gives Marcus a data disc containing a message from his father, Adam Fenix. The recording reveals that Adam knows a way to stop the Lambent and prevent Sera from dying, thanks to the parasite that has formed underground. With this info in mind, Marcus then sets out with his team in order to locate his father and finally end the battle between the Humans, Locust, and Lambent.