Episode Recap

The scene opens in Quebec City where a woman comes up and sits down with a man. At the same moment, a motorcyclist comes and kills the Energy Minister. Later, Nikita hears the news report and the reporter calls the assassin by the name, Ramon. Nikita recognizes the name. Michael watches the report too and watches as they play a video of Ramon telling that the minister needed to die. Birkhoff looks for any reports and Nikita says that Ramon got away, but Birkhoff says that Division hired him. Nikita says that it was Percyís idea and Nikita remembers when she was in Paris six years ago. She caught Ramon on a rooftop and she kept him alive despite her orders. Birkhoff says that the news reporter gets the news from Division and says that they need to start there. Nikita says that they need to talk to her first and get the information. This time, they are going to kill Ramon.

Meanwhile, Ramon speaks to Amanda through conference. She calls him a great asset. Alex comes in and Amanda says that she has a Division assignment and shows that it involves Anton Kochenko, a man who worked with Alexís father. She says that she needs to go in and kill Kochenko. The boss of Kochenko is Semak. Michael goes up to the reporter, Nisha Patel. He says that he is from CNN. He flirts with her and says that he likes how she always has the main scoop of things. He asks if she wants to get a coffee and they walk off to her car. Michael says that he needs a face for their new project. They get to her car and Michael makes the switch of phones. He knocks over her purse and asks if he should call Division or her. She calls Division and they ask where Ramon is and what her current location is. Birkhoff and Nikita come up and Birkhoff thanks Nisha for the location. Nikita drugs her and Michael says that when he was kissing Nisha, he was picturing Nikita. She smiles and takes off Michaelís glasses.

Meanwhile in Monte De Concepcion, Colombia, Nikita and Michael are tracking the location that Nisha gave them. Michael asks why Nikita didnít kill Ramon the night she caught Ramon. She says that he is real and assures that they will get Ramon and it will be over. Michael goes around back and gets into a vent. Once inside, Michael asks Birkhoff for help. Birkhoff thinks it is about Nikita and he corrects him and says that it is with the grid. At the same moment, Alex is looking at Kochenkoís photo and remembers when she was younger and how Kochenko blackmailed her for the code to the room. She looks at Division computers when Sean comes up and says that her plan is suicide. However, Alex says that she can handle it. Sean says that Alex is too emotionally involved and tells her a better way. Amanda gets news that Nisha is not around.

Back at the compound in Colombia, Nikita gets her sights on Ramon he is in a wheelchair. They realize that he is not the assassin and that he is just the fallout guy. Nikita gets up the wall and into where Ramon is. She is about to move in when she hears Ramon making another video of killing Kochenko. Amanda thanks him. Nikita tells Michael there is another hit about to happen and that a Division agent is prepping to carry it out. Meanwhile, Alex makes her way on the lot posing as a reporter. She moves to a higher vantage point to set up her sniper rifle. Ramon gets approached by Nikita and he says that Percy told about her and says that thanks to her, Percy made him the offer to live or be erased from the history books and paralyzed him. Nikita says that she is not going to feel sorry for him. He attacks her and escapes. Nikita follows behind him while Michael fights off Division agents. However, Birkhoff gets kicked off the satellite feed. Michael gets into a room and is trapped.

Nikita catches up to Ramon and tells him to get out. She tells Michael that she has Ramon and Amanda gets on the line and tells her that they will make a trade. She tells that she wants Nikita to kill Ramon. However, Nikita tells that killing him wonít release Michael. Amanda says that she has a drone that is going to vaporize the building if she doesnít follow her command and kill Ramon. Meanwhile, Alex sets up and Amanda tells her to hold off on the mission for now. She says that she understands. The new hacker for Division has full control of the drone now and on the ground, Ramon says that Division always wins. Birkhoff says that he canít hack into the system. She says that Michael is in a safe room and Birkhoff says that there is a black line and Nikita asks for it. He refuses and says that Nikita is the one who paralyzed him.

In the Safe Room, Michael gets chemicals together and at Division, Amanda says that Nikita has 5 minutes to send proof that she killed Ramon. Nikita talks to Ramon again about the Black Line in the Safe Room, but he doesnít care. Ramon says that by setting him free six years ago, she signed his life away to Division. He says that she has created another monster. Meanwhile, Alex says that the window is closing and that she is going to have to take the shot. Amanda says that they still donít have confirmation yet. Ramon upsets Nikita to get her to shoot him, but she tells him to kill himself and rides off toward the compound to go and rescue Michael. Ramon calls Michael on the Black Line as Amanda orders the missile to be fired. Ramon tells him about an escape route. Nikita approaches the compound and it is hit with the missile. She looks around and Michael comes out. He tells Amanda that she missed and that it is over. Percy watches as the report is released early. Amanda tells Alex to pull out and she is silent. The episode ends with Alex pulling the trigger.