Derek Hale

Derek Hale is one of the main characters on the MTV show Teen Wolf and is played by Tyler Hoechlin. He was born a werewolf and is currently an Alpha.

Derek Hale was born November 07, 1988. He comes from a family or pack of werewolves and inherited his werewolf nature from his parents.

As a teen, Derek lived in Beacon Hills, California with his large family. While still in High School, he entered into a sexual relationship with Kate Argent. He was unaware that Kate was only sleeping with him to get close to his family.

She later, with the help of several conspirators, orchestrated an arson attack at the Hale House in which most of Derekís family was killed.

His uncle, Peter Hale, is thought to be the only survivor. Derek and his sister Laura Hale were at school when the fire was set. The fire is the seminal event in the young manís life defining much of his behavior throughout the first season of Teen Wolf.