Episode Recap

The scene opens in St. Petersburg, Russia five years ago. Nikita is getting dressed and she hears the door knob. She reaches for her gun, but it is only Michael. He says that he is her date for the evening. Nikita says that she is stuck with her dress. Michael helps her and she says that it is their first time alone without Division watching over them. However, Michael tells her that he is watching over them. Nikita asks how she looks and he says that she is perfect. Back to the present day and Michael is in Nikita’s hideout with a gun on Nikita. She disarms and Michael asks how Alex is doing. She asks what Michael wants. Nikita had hopes that Michael will be on her side, but Michael says that Nikita has lied to him about helping him find Kasim and that she has been working with Gogel. However, Nikita says that she has been fighting against them. Michael says that she is going to help him and she is going to go to Ari Tasarov and make friends. He says that she has 24 hours to tell him where Kasim is or he will know that she has failed. He shoots Nikita’s computer.

Michael gets back to Division and Percy asks about him running satellites in Chechnya. Percy asks if it has to do with Kasim and Michael says that it is. He asks if he has to take them down and Percy says that it is for a good cause. Meanwhile, Nikita is picking up the rubble that Michael left when Alex walks in and asks what happened. Nikita doesn’t say anything and Alex says that she wants to get out of Division because she has feelings for Nathan and doesn’t want to be the person she saw in her dreams. She says that Alex needs to break it off with Nathan and tell Amanda that she did. Alex leaves and Nikita talks to a machine that she knows to be monitored by Gogel. She requests to talk to Ari Tasarov. Later, Nikita arrives in St. Petersburg and she is met by men of Gogel. They hit her in the face and drag her into the truck. Flashback to St. Petersburg five years ago and Nikita and Michael start to “get busy” and Michael has second thoughts. He says that he can’t because it is about his wife and daughter. He tells her about the car bomb that killed them and that how it was Kasim Tariq that did it. He says that he won’t be able to move forward until he is dead. She says that she will help him get what he wants. Back to present day, Nikita gets escorted to Ari and she says that she wants to help.

Back to present day and Nikita is escorted into an auditorium where Ari Tasarov is watching a ballet. He says that he doesn’t trust Nikita, but she says that she is there to help with one job. She says that she is going to rob Kasim Tariq and the Al Qaida. She says that Ari will get a $60 Million bonus and her fee is only $8 Million. Ari says that she will get $5 Million. She agrees. He warns that if she double crosses him, he will send all his resources to hunt her down and kill her. Meanwhile, Alex is in her apartment with Nathan and she says that she wants to break it off. Nathan doesn’t buy it and asks what the problem is. She says that she doesn’t want to have to deal with anything and Nathan asks what she wants. She kisses Nathan and they “get busy”. Michael talks to Percy about the possible lead to Kasim in Europe and Percy denies his request and says that he wants to share something with Michael, but he needs to know that he is going to be with him 100% of the time. He shows Michael the black box and says that he wants to change things and says that they are going to be able to conduct their business the way it should be. Percy says that it is a little more complicated than just taking over the government. He says that Kasim is going to have to wait.

On the road, Kasim’s men come up upon a van. A cell phone is on the seat. It is Nikita with a voice changer calling herself the Knights of Shi’ra. She tells them to run away and leave the trucks or they will blow it up. The man says that the heroin shipment is for Kasim Tariq and that they better back down. Nikita blows up the shipment and the men scatter. One of the men calls Kasim and tells him about the attack. He says that he needs a flight to St. Petersburg to meet with Ari Tasarov personally. During the conversation, Nikita is trying to track Kasim, but the call is disconnected before she has the chance to connect. She says to herself that the plan is going to have to change. Later, Kasim meets with Ari and he says that the Knights of Shi’ra are well trained, but his men are more trained and can handle anything. Nikita breaks in and starts taking out Ari’s men one at a time. The meeting with Ari and Kasim ends when Nikita throws a man in front of them, killing him.