The Breaking of the Fellowship

The fellowship splits up

The Breaking of the Fellowship is the event during which the Fellowship of the Ring splits up and all go their separate ways. Frodo and Sam go to Mordor, Boromir is killed, Merry and Pippin are kidnapped by the Uruk-Hai and Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli pursue them into Rohan. It happens on 26th February 3018 TA and occurs at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Ten days after leaving Lothlorien, the fellowship are rowing down the Anduin in the boats given to them by Galadriel. They stop at Amon Hen where they have to decide which way to go next (straight towards Mordor on the Eastern side of the river, or to Minas Tirith on the Western side to gain Gondor's aid). Opinion is divided on this as Boromir wants to pass through Gondor, the land of his people, which he thinks will be the safer option. Also, not understanding the power of the Ring, he thinks that Gondor would be able to use it and so have the power to overthrow Sauron. However, Aragorn is reluctant to lead the ring anywhere near Minas Tirith, as he does not trust Denethor and his men. While they are resting, Frodo walks off alone to sit beside the river and the falls of Rauros. He is soon joined by Boromir, who talks to Frodo, giving him advice, although Frodo has already been warned by Galadriel that his friends will turn against him. Boromir's words become more and more aggressive, saying that the Ring should not be destroyed, but used against Sauron, and he asks Frodo to lend him the Ring. When Frodo refuses, he becomes angry and tries to take it by force, causing Frodo to put on the ring, dissapear and run away. After a minute he realises what he has done and weeps, begging Frodo to come back, but Frodo is already far away. Frodo then realises the effect that the Ring is having on his companions, and that slowly it will destroy them all. He decides to go from there to Mordor alone, so that his friends will not have to suffer on his behalf. As he is about to leave in the boat, Sam comes running out and insists on going with Frodo. When Frodo tells him to go back, Sam wades out into the water towards the boat even though he cannot swim, and begins to drown, prompting Frodo to rescue him. Although originally annoyed, Frodo realises that Sam will be useful for the journey ahead, and that he needs a good friend to help him along. The Fellowship of the Ring ends with Frodo and Sam beginning their journey together towards Mordor.

The Two Towers opens with the rest of the fellowship searching for Frodo, until they hear Boromir's horn, signalling that he is in need, along with Orc voices. Aragorn arrives to find Boromir lying by a tree surrounded by dead Orcs, and pierced with many arrows. With Boromir's last words he tells Aragorn not to let Mi nas Tirith fall. He also tells him that the Orcs (later known to be Uruk - Hai) have taken the Hobbits. Returning to the boats and finding one gone, along with Frodo and Sam's packs, Aragorn concludes that Frodo and Sam have gone on alone to Mordor. The Three Hunters (Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli) then have to decide whether to follow Frodo and Sam or to go after the Uruk - Hai to rescue Merry and Pippin. Aragorn eventually decides that the fate of the Ringbearer is no longer in his hands, and refusing to abandon Merry and Pippin to torment and death, decides to go after them.