The Characters

Scott McCall

Scott McCall is the primary portagonist of Teen Wolf. He attends Becon Hills High School, where he plays lacrosse. While out one night he is attacked and bitten by what he believes to be some type of wolf. He survives the attack but begins to notice his improved senses and abilities. Throughout the series, Scott struggles to balance his life, protect the people he loves and control his transformations as well as tryin got figure out how he came to be bitten, why he was bitten and by whom. He is being aided in this search by Stiles and fellow werewolf Derek Hale.

Allison Argent

Allison Argent is the beautiful new girl in town, and Scott's love interest. On her seventeenth birthday she is given a silver medallion with the family crest that depicts a large snarling wolf and arrows and told to find out what it means. She eventually learns the family secret when she is shown Derek Hale as a werewolf. Later, through her father attacking Scott, she learns that he is the second Beta werewolf.

Stiles Stilinski

"Stiles" Stilinski is the son of the local sheriff and the nerdy yet genuined best friend of Scott McCall. He seems fascinated by crime and death. He listens to Police Band Radio to keep up with what is happening in Beacon Hills. He is the only character in the beginning of the series, other than Derek, who knows that Scott is a werewolf. He is concerned with the well-being of his friends and family. He helps keep Scott calm and controlled. He helps Scott to balance balance his double-life. At the end of the eason he takes Lydia to the formal, where he tells her about his true feelings for her. He also saves her from being killed by the Alpha by telling him how to find Derek. In the season final the alpha offers to give him the "Bite" which he rejects. He then helps defeat the alpha and witnesses Derek become the alpha.

Derek Hale

Derek Hale comes from a family of werewolves that were almost wiped out in the Hale House Fire six years prior to the events of the first episode. Derek, his sister Laura and his uncle Peter are though to be the only ones' to survive the fire. It is later discovered that an Argent started the fire. Scott initally blames him for turning him into a werewolf but Derek later claims that the alpha is the one who bit Scott. Derek assume the role of mentor to Scott, explaining what it means to be a werewolf. He attempts to keep Scott away from the alpha claiming that the beast wants Scott to join his pack. Derek's life is further complicated when hunters arrive in search of the alpha. During the season he is attacked by the alpha at the High School. At the end of the season he agrees to help Scott kill the alpha which results in him becoming the alpha.

Lydia martin

Lydia martin is one of Beacon Hills' most popular students. She is very intelligent, but often hides this from her peers. She is initially portrayed as a fashionable, shallow and bratty girl. She has a friendlier nature though, as she befriends Allison on her first day. During the season we learn that Lydia is the smartest girl in school. Her teach wants to test her IQ as she believes her to be a genius both academically and socially. Lydia does everything she can to both manipulate and encourage other students, especially Jackson, including playing down her amazin intellect. At the end of the season she is bitten by the Alpha but saved from death by Stiles. She is left on the field and found by Jackson and taken to the hospital. It is shown in the final scenes that she is not healing form her werewolf bites like Scott did.

Jackson Whittemore

Jackson is Scott's high school nemesis. He was a top athlete at Beacon Hills High School and was in a long term relationship with Lydia. During the season we learn that Jackson is adopted and that this causes him to labor under self-imposed unrealistic expectations. Scott's sudden improvement on the lacrosse field threatens Jackson's supremacy, makes him suspicious and prompts his investigation of Scott and eventually Derek Hale who he believed was dealing drugs. Jackson witnesses many of Scott's enhanced abilities and mid season discovers a claw in his SUV and connects it to Scott's lacorsse gloves. He eventually discovers that Scott is a werewolf and threatens to expose him if he doesn't help him become one too. Jackson has multiple encounters with the alpha and while he's not sure what he's seen he doesn't believe that it was human. At the end of the season he reveals to the Argents that Scott is the second beta but then aids Scott, Stiles, Allison and Derek in defeating the alpha. At the end of the final episode he goes to Derek an dasks to be turned.