Blanche is the youngest of the four women living in the house she owns. Although it is widely believed that her exact age was never revealed (Rose Nylund attempts to find out in one episode and learns that Blanche's record was "Deleted by Authority of the Governor"), in Season 3, Episode 25 entitled "Mother's Day" (Aired May 7, 1988), it is revealed in a flashback that Blanche was in fact 17 in 1949, meaning she was born in either 1932 or 1931, after the first week of May, and is about a year or two younger than Rose and Dorothy. That would make her 53 years old when the series began in 1985 and 60 when the spin-off ended in 1993. Although throughout the series, she usually claims to be in her forties (or even younger), the above episode, along with the ages of her children, and the fact that she entered menopause in the second season premiere (average age of menopause in the U.S. is 51) supports the above fact. She claimed in a third season episode that she was still capable of childbirth despite the fact that she had undergone menopause a full season beforehand, but Dorothy quickly shot down that claim.


It was revealed in the episode Love Under the Big Top that Blanche does not like tuna fish.


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