The Cast


  • Sarah Jones as Rebecca Madsen, a San Francisco homicide detective
  • Jorge Garcia as Doctor Diego "Doc" Soto, a Ph.D in both Criminal Justice and Civil War History, author of books on Alcatraz, comic book store owner, writer, and artist
  • Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser, FBI agent and former police officer who arrived on the dock at Alcatraz to find the prisoners gone in 1963
  • Parminder Nagra as both Dr. Lucille "Lucy" Banerjee, Agent Hauser's technician/colleague and Dr. Lucille Sengupta, psychologist at Alcatraz
  • Jonny Coyne as Edwin James, the warden of Alcatraz
  • Jason Butler Harner as Elijah Bailey "E.B." Tiller, the deputy warden of Alcatraz


  • Robert Forster as Ray Archer (previously Ray Madsen), Det. Madsen's great-uncle and former Alcatraz prison guard
  • Leon Rippy as Dr. Milton Beauregard
  • Jeananne Goossen as Nikki, a medical examiner in the coroner's office
  • Jeffrey Pierce as Jack Sylvane

Featured guests

Inmates (in order of appearance)

  • Jeffrey Pierce as Jack Sylvane
  • David Hoflin as Thomas "Tommy" Madsen
  • Joe Egender as Ernest Cobb
  • Michael Eklund as Kit Nelson
  • Eric Johnson as Cal Sweeney
  • James Pizzinato as Paxton Petty
  • Adam Rothenberg as Johnny McKee
  • Travis Aaron Wade as Herman Ames
  • Graham Shiels as Pinky Ames
  • Theo Rossi as Sonny Burnett
  • Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Clarence Montgomery
  • Rami Malek as Webb Porter
  • Greg Ellis as Garrett Stillman


  • Jim Parrack as Guy Hastings


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