Collective Update

Jan 14, 2012

New layout here at the collective. I have completely fallen back in love with Tolkien’s universe and just had to use images from one of Peter Jackson’s amazing movies to move on from the Christmas layout. Still ironing out a few kinks so if you find any errors, let me know.

In fanlisting news, I’ve finished the Winchester Family fanlisting. It’s over here if you’d like to check it out and join. I’ve also got a couple on the upcoming list that should be up by the end of the weekend. Also have a couple of pending applications that I’m looking forward to hearing back about soon.

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Old School

Jan 4, 2012

Going back a bit this time around. I have just opened the fanlistings for the Sassy Blanche Devereaux, from The Golden Girls. Check out Sassy Southern Belle if you’re a fan of this amazing character.

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Lord of the Rings

Dec 29, 2011

Two new fanlistings today. Both from The Lord of the Rings. First is End of Days—the fanlisting for the track Breaking of the Fellowship from The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack. I spent hours listening to this song after I saw the first movie so I’m really please to have this little gem.

The second listing is Darkness Falls—the fanlisting for the soundtrack for The Two Towers. This one already has a new layout on the way as I am incredibly unhappy with the current version. Also got some little goodies on the way with the new layout to fill out the about section a little bit more so stay tuned for that.

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